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Bowling Green, Virginia is a rather small unincorporated town in Caroline County with a population of about 1,111. It is also the county seat of Caroline County. It is best known as the "cradle of AMerican horse racing" as well as for holding the second oldest Masonic lodge, as well as the oldest continuously inhabited residence in all of Virginia. With all of this in mind, there are tons of great historical places and sights in Bowling Green for you to enjoy. While you are out enjoying the great town, you are sure to work up an appetite or need to grab a drink so here are some of our favorite bars and restaurants in Bowling Green.

John's Place

5152 E Broaddus Ave, Bowling Green, VA 22427 || (804)633-5515

John's Place is a very low key and relaxing environment that specializes in traditional American fare that you are sure to absolutely adore. They have a great, down home atmosphere that is supplemented their great service. They will welcome you with warm smiles from the very minute you walk through the door and they will be sure to make sure that your drink orders are taken and accounted for. They will also help you with with selecting whatever you would like from the menu by providing their recommendations as well as insight into whatever questions you might have about the menu. You will also be pleased to know that they have a relatively modest bar at John's Place, where they have amazing cold beer and specialty cocktails that will knock your socks off. Don't be fooled by the unassuming outside appearance by John's Place -- they really have incredible food and even better service there!

Old Country Cafe

117 N Main St, Bowling Green, VA 22427 || (804)633-8078

As far as local cafes go, you really can't get much better than Old Country Cafe. You might not think much about them when you're just passing by, but once you walk through their doors you will be pleasantly surprised at how delightful the employees and atmosphere are. You will absolutely love their food there, such as the hash brown casserole, the burgers, the hot dogs, the fried chicken, and so on and so forth. The provide real, down home comfort food that will never fail to put a big, corny smile on your face. Sure, they don't have five star chefs there, but your mom wasn't a five star chef there. They have something that a lot of five star restaurants lack and that's a whole lot of heart. They rely on recipes and cooking styles that have been passed down for generations so it feels a whole lot less like a professionally prepared meal and a lot more like a meal that you're sitting down with at a family or neighborhood barbeque, and that is absolutely okay with us. There is a certain amount of nostalgia that is invoked every time we walk through the doors at Old Country Cafe that simply can't be replicated. We can not recommend Old Country Cafe any more!

Pino's Pizza

152 E Broaddus St, Bowling Green, VA 22427 || (804)633-3131

If you're looking for some delicious, amazing, and authentic Italian food then you need to check out Pino's Pizza on East Broaddus Street. They truly are absolutely beyond compare. They serve amazing Pizzas, Philly cheese steaks, authentic Italian entrees, salads, and so on and so forth. There is nothing at Pino's Pizza that isn't absolutely amazing. The interior is not what you would expect by the modest exterior. They have almost a five star quality decor and atmosphere that is fantastically and surprisingly casual. There are all sorts of occasions that are fantastic for Pino's Pizza such as enjoying a delicious Italian meal with your family, hosting a private event such as a birthday party celebration, or catching up with some old friends. Whatever the case, you can rest assured that Pino's Pizza will have you covered! We strongly recommend the spaghetti or the chicken alfredo pasta, but there really isn't any direction that you can go wrong when you want to enjoy a meal at Pino's Pizza. It's what comes with the name!

KJo's to Go

120 N Main St, Bowling Green, VA 22427 || (804)633-8077

A delicious and cozy Southern bakery and deli that aims to do nothing but impress and delight, KJo's to Go is truly a pleasant Bowling Green original. They offer daily specials that include breakfast, lunch hot bars, artisan paninis, salads, espresso drinks, and more. They are a family owned and operated business and have been a staple in the Bowling Green community since 2014. This little shop is a true reflection of the great hospitality and friendliness of the citizens of Bowling Green. You can't walk into this shop without thinking, "Boy, I never want to leave!" Because of this, residents of Bowling Green flock here on their weekends and after work, and before work to enjoy a great community presence in a fantastic establishment. This restaurant has really proven itself to be the heart and soul of Bowling Green, and many people would have a hard time arguing that point. When you go to KJo's to Go, you don't just go there for the delicious hot drinks or amazing bakery items like donuts, although it doesn't hurt, but you really go there for the community mindedness and good feels. Heck, we know of people who commute miles out of their way every day in order to make it to KJo's to Go for breakfast, and that's a fact!

New Yorker Restaurant

18164 A P Hill Blvd, Bowling Green, VA 22427 || (804)633-5549

If you find yourself reminiscing over that 1950's diner feel that seems all but completely absent in the world today, then you need to look no further than Bowling Green's very own New Yorker Restaurant. While they may not have been open since the 1950's, they certainly replicate the feel of the time period and atmosphere. The interior is wonderfully decorated and even the wait staff is authentic. You might even begin to think that they're developing a Brooklyn accent. Every meal that you can get at New Yorker Restaurant is absolutely fantastic. From breakfast with their chipped beef over toast and home fries to their lunch with amazing sandwiches and salads. And you can't miss out on their dinner with delicious roast beef dinners and remarkably authentic diner fish & chips. If all of that is too fancy for you, then you can always kick back with a good old fashioned cheeseburger and some perfectly fried french fries. You don't want to skip dessert either with their delicious homemade pies and cakes. Everything about New Yorker Restaurant screams authentic and absolutely fantastic. We can't recommend it any more!

Roma Italian Pizza Restaurant

114 W Broaddus Ave, Bowling Green, VA 22427 || (804)633-5760

If you'd like to truly enjoy some amazing, authentic Italian dining, then you need look no further than Roma Italian Pizza Restaurant on Broaddus Avenue. The promise unique and authentic Sicilian style cuisine that is sure to impress and make your taste buds tingle. It doesn't matter what Italian dish you would like the most, whether you want to enjoy some delicious, crispy pizza, some hearty Chicken Parmigiana, or a unique specialty like their patented Penne Trapaense, you will be sure to be happy and impressed. Each and every entree is made in house with all of the best, fresh, and seasonal ingredients. But the greatness of Roma Italian Pizza Restaurant doesn't just end at the great food selections, but you can also get all sorts of great beverages like a variety of specialty cocktails and your traditional favorites, fine wines, and beers that will make your mouth water, all of which change depending on the season. They truly take pride in providing their customers with a fun and exciting dining experience complete with amazing food, refreshing beverages, and a service that is attentive and personable. A true staple in Bowling Green, Roma Italian Pizza Restaurant might just become one of your favorite restaurants in the world!

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