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If you really want to make a splash with your wedding cake, there are so many options compared to what brides and grooms used to have. You can choose to be as creative as you feel like being. It is best if you start to read up on wedding cakes in order to make yourself as knowledgeable as possible. Obviously, you will also learn from any professional that you talk to. But suffice it to say that the more knowledgeable you are about every facet of designing and creating the perfect wedding cake, the more armed you will be to make a great hire and end up with the cake that you deserve for your special day. Your first issue is probably determining what exactly you should be looking for in a wedding cake and in a cake designer. There are some absolutely amazing wedding cake designers in the Richmond area which means you have to find them and then narrow your choice down to one. Keep in mind that you will be evaluating the cake presentation as well as the taste. This guide should help you in your search and eventual hire of a great wedding cake provider.

A lot of people want to know when is the optimal time to start looking for their wedding cake designer. We recommend that you start your search at least six months before your wedding date. Keep in mind that the really good ones have their calendar fill up very quickly. Where is a good place to start looking? Well, we believe in word of mouth. Ask around. Ask family members, friends, and acquaintances for their recommendations. Recently married friends can be a very good source of information on this front. Also, your other wedding vendors may have suggestions or leads. Once you have a few names to check out, peruse each candidate's website. This should give you an idea of whether this person has a similar design taste to yours. Contact the ones that look promising and setup a face to face interview. It is important to find out about their background and experience level. Have them setup a tasting so you can taste samples of their cakes. If you are not blown away at the tasting, there is no need to go further. If you are really pleased with what you taste, then ask yourself if you really like their personality. This is important on the level that you might as well enjoy every moment of your wedding planning.

When you have made a decision on a baker, sign a contract and start designing your cake. Provide as much information as you can to your designer. Bring images from magazines of cakes that impress you. Your designer also needs to know your color scheme and theme of your wedding. The more information that you can give them the better and that means your dress, the flowers, decorations and more. To keep things on schedule, call your baker one week before your wedding to double check all of your details. Don't take anything for granted. Even go over the date of the wedding again, the times for everything, and the address of the venue where the reception will be. If it works out, it would be nice if your designer could meet you at your venue and talk about where the cake will be setup. All of your details should be set in stone.

If there is one thing that we can highly recommend to you when it comes to your wedding cake, it is to not be afraid of being trendy. Wedding cakes have come a long way in the last 20 years and designers are creating phenomenal creations using colors, shapes, and even covering cakes in different material like crystal or pearls or diamonds. So keep an open mind. We hope this helps with your search and eventual hiring of this all important vendor.

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