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If you could use one word to describe the tone that you want to set for your big day, what would it be? Most people would use the word special. And that makes perfect sense because this is your once in a lifetime chance to splurge on anything and everything you want. This is the most important day of your life. So, our suggestion is that you do what you want and go the extra mile in every arena that your wedding day calls for. One of those arenas that many people neglect is related to their invitations. You definitely want to consider and in our opinion hire a professional calligrapher to write out your invitations and your envelopes. Remember, your invitation is the first inkling that many of your invited guests will have of your impending nuptials. A beautifully hand written invitation and envelope will set the tone quite nicely. Think about it, this is a vintage piece, you don't want computer generated characters or something just printed. Make it look like it is a kick back to another time. After all, calligraphy is an ancient art form. And if you were thinking about addressing your envelopes yourself, think again. You are a very busy person. You already work full-time and now you are trying to plan a wedding. Why not off load some tasks to professionals who will do a much better job than you could anyway. Have you ever searched for a calligrapher before? Probably not. That is why we have developed this guide. It will lead you in your search throughout the Richmond area and it will also help you to identify the calligrapher for you and your wedding needs.

So, you need some calligraphers to talk to about your needs. Start talking to your friends, family, and coworkers. There is a very good chance that someone you know has hired a calligrapher at some point. This is a great source of information because you are talking to people you trust. Write down any candidates that you hear about. Also, let's not forget about the world wide web. Do a Google search for “calligraphers in the Richmond area.” Start perusing websites and figure our which candidates you really like. Also, contact your wedding vendors that you already have a relationship with. Find out if they know of any great calligraphers that you could add to your list. Once you have a number of potential candidates on a list, setup an interview with each one. This will be your time to whittle your list down to one.

You need to know how much experience they have doing calligraphy. Check out their portfolio of past work that they have done. It takes a lot of work to become a really good calligrapher. Sure someone may have talent, but it takes a lot of work to hone that talent. Ask about turnaround time. Depending on when you put in your order, this might be an issue. Will you have a chance to look at a proof before there is a print run? Make sure that you know the number of guests that you are inviting so they have an idea of how many invitations to make out. How much will their services cost you? If you need to put a rush on your order, find out how much more that will cost you. Will they also stamp, seal, and stuff your envelopes. If they say yes, we believe it is worth the extra cost. One thing you need to know about this service is that no calligrapher is going to work without making mistakes. You will need to provide additional envelopes and invitations. Find out if they will make the corrections free of charge. The answer should be yes. Look at their letter and design styles. When you take a liking to one of your candidates, it is time to ask for a contract.

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