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Colonial Heights, Virginia is a relatively large independent city with a population of nearly 17,500. It is known primarily for being a seriously historic place with tons of hospitable people who pride themselves in their traditions and historic environment. Some fantastic historical attractions include the Violet Bank Museum and the Swift Creek Mill. It also has campuses for Virginia State University, Richard Bland College, and John Tyler Community College within its borders. If you're looking to shop then you will be happy to head over to Colonial Heights' own South Park Mall! While you are in Colonial Heights, you are sure to work up an appetite or a need for a drink. So here are some of our favorite restaurants and bars in Colonial Heights.

Texas Roadhouse

2602 Conduit Rd, Colonial Heights, VA 23834 || (804)520-4933

Who says you need to head all the way to Texas in order to enjoy some amazing, authentic Texan food. At Texas Roadhouse they make sure to provide a service that is can not be considered anything but Legendary -- from Fall-off-the-bone Ribs to Chicken, to seafood, to Ice Cold Beer and Hand Cut Steaks. Every single thing at Texas Roadhouse is absolutely delicious and is guaranteed to put some hair on your chest -- no matter your gender! Their steaks are hand cut in house by their skills chefs who are more than dedicated to providing you with that steak that will make you go "ooh" and "ahh...that's the stuff!" Texas Roadhouse is a fantastic place to go if you really want to fill your gut and make your taste buds tingle. You will also be treated to that fantastic Texan hospitality, even though you are in the heart of Virginia. It makes no difference to the folks at Texas Roadhouse, they'll welcome you just the same!


168 Southgate Sq, Colonial Heights, VA 23834 || (804)520-8989

You will have quite a difficult time finding a Korean restaurant in the Colonial Heights that is half as authentic or as delicious as Koreana. They truly get every single dish just right. They serve their food in a buffet style ... kind of. You see, you have to order an entree for twelve dollars, all of which are absolutely delicious such as the Chicken Bulgogi or the Sam Gyub Sal. And once you order your entree for twelve dollars (approximately), you can enjoy the buffet all-you-can-eat for absolutely free! You are sure to be leaving Koreana with a full stomach and a smile on your face. The employees of Koreana are extremely well trained and they will treat you very well throughout the entire experience. They won't ever forget about you and leave your glass empty at any point. They are true professionals there at Koreana

Los Bandidos

170 Southgate Sq, Colonial Heights, VA 23834 || (804)520-5006

At Los Bandidos Mexican Restaurant, then ensure you that Mexican food is their passion, and they certainly never fail to live up to that statement. All of their food is absolutely amazing and authentic Mexican food that tastes like you are in Mexico itself. They make sure to only use the finest and most fresh ingredients that money can buy, and craft the food with expertly deliberated recipes that are sure to fill your stomach and leave you wanting more. They are a family owned & operated business whose main goal is and has always been to provide their customers with the best food with the best service at the most affordable prices around. If Mexican food isn't really your speed, then you will be happy to know that they also serve Tex Mex dishes as well, to satisfy just about every palette!

Tri City Surf N Turf

458 Charles H Dimmock Pkwy, Colonial Heights, VA 23834 || (804)526-2234

A fantastic Surf and Turf restaurant that serves only the freshest of food simply can not be beat! Tri City Surf N Turf is the best restaurant of its kind that you will be able to find anywhere near the Colonial Heights area. They receive an order of delicious Fresh Times three times a week so you can be sure that the seafood that you are eating is absolutely delicious and is not old and ridden with frostbite. They serve delicious wild caught scallops, steamed shrimp, and crab legs that are to die for. They also serve certified beef that has been cut to order, so you can be sure that even that is delicious and fresh! The service at Tri City Surf N Turf is simply unparalleled. They will greet you with a smile every time and make sure that you are enjoying your meal. If you have any problems at any point, they will be sure to accommodate and make it right by you. Tri City Surf N Turf truly reflects the fantastic hospitality offered by the folks that live in Colonial Heights. Enjoying some delicious, fresh fish is somewhat of a commodity in the Colonial Heights are, and most of the time you are forced to relegate your fish eating to the once frozen fish and chips at the local diner. Well, no longer! Tri City Surf N Turf ensures that you will enjoy some amazing, fresh fish without needing to commute to the coast!

Vincenzo's Italian Restaurant & Pizza

609 Boulevard, Colonial Heights, VA 23834 || (804)526-7440

Vincenzo's Italian Restaurant & Pizza is a fantastic Italian restaurant that serves the best of both Italian and Greek food. When you head in there, you can enjoy either the main menu or the buffet -- either choice is absolutely fantastic and there are tons of options for either choice. Once you have been there once you will find yourself wanting to go back again and again, whether it be for lunch or dinner, you will surely always find an excuse to head over to Vincenzo's. From their delicious pizzas that are great for the whole family, to the more personal pastas and salads, you will enjoy a meal there for just about any occasion. The service there is also nothing to shake a stick at. They will smile at you from the minute you walk through the door and offer you a drink. They will then promptly provide you with some recommendations of the best items there. They are truly a fantastic dining experience at Vincenzo's, as the atmosphere is unmistakably upscale and elegant. This is a really great place for a date, fellas! They will always impress you with how incredible just about every single aspect of Vincenzo's is, we guarantee it.

Venus De Milo

3635 Boulevard, Colonial Heights, VA 23834 || (804)520-4922

Greek Food that tastes like it is street out of the Old Country itself. It is the best in Greek food that you can get in just about all of Virginia. They have all of your favorites -- from Kabobs to Soulvakis to Gyro plates that you simply can't say no to. Every single thing on the menu has been prepared with fresh items and the recipes go back for generations, so you can be sure that the meal that you are eating is authentic and absolutely delicious every time. We strongly suggest that you try something new once you are at Venus De Milo, because you will be surprised every time at how amazing the meal can be. They load you up with every dish as well. You will always have plenty of leftovers for tomorrow, which is always a major plus in our books! Venus De Milo is a classic example of just how good Greek food can really get. If you can't decide what you would like from Venus De Milo, then just ask the servers and they will be happy to provide you with some of their personal favorites as options!

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