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We know that not only do weddings take a lot of time to plan, but they also cost quite a bit of money as well. There is always the added temptation of trying to save money by cutting in various arenas that you think aren't quite as important. One of these areas is your entertainment. Many couples believe that they can save money by hiring an amateur DJ. But while the price you pay in real money might indeed be less if you pursue this route, the price you will pay in terms of a lack of services will be even greater. You want to be mindful of the fact that there are a lot of wedding DJs that go out of business every month. If you are taking a chance on a newbie or someone who is struggling, it may be your DJ who us out of business before your wedding even arrives. You also want to be aware that an amateur is much less invested in their reputation than a true professional is. You do not want someone who is doing this just for fun or who considers it a hobby. We cannot stress this enough, a wedding is a very unique event that requires expertise and special skills in order to run a flawless and smooth reception. So, as you head out into the Richmond area seeking a true professional wedding DJ, make sure that you have the mindset that this is a very important hire you are about to make. In order to help you with your search, we have provided a guide below as to how to conduct your search and what to look for when it comes to making that final hire.

One of the major qualities that a wedding DJ should possess is that of a great listener. You need someone who actually listens to what you have to say in terms of your wedding wishes and is willing to customize everything that they do to your specific desires. Their main mission should be to make you happy. Here is something else that many people very rarely think about. Any DJ that is going to act as your emcee should be more than willing to take the time and make the effort to learn and pronounce the names of your guests correctly. It is very embarrassing to have your DJ mispronounce the name of the person who is about to give you a toast. A huge part of being a true professional is putting in the hard work that it takes to make things look and go very smoothly.

And what about song selection? Your favorites should be given priority by the person that you hire. You are paying for their services after all and you should be able to hear the tunes that are important to you. You also need someone who can read the crowd and keep the party flowing. The ability to mix is a very important element here. If your DJ cannot mix, then you are going to end up with a lot of gaps of dead air. Again, this expertise comes by experience and having a keen sense about what works in certain situations. Also, a professional DJ should be willing to contact your venue ahead of time and discuss how and when they should setup.

A great DJ is always prepared. Every detail will be thought of ahead of time. The ones who are considered great will not only be organized but will figure out the directions to your venue ahead of time. All of their equipment should be setup before your guests arrive at the reception venue. The equipment needs to be tested, sound levels need to be adjusted, microphones checked, and acoustics maximized. These are all common factors that really good DJ will have in hand and will have handled. What if their equipment fails? What is their backup plan? If this matters to you, make sure you ask anyone that you consider to be your DJ what they usually wear to a wedding. If their answer does not sound right, then don't hesitate to mention it to them and see if they are willing to change anything to your needs. We hope these factors help you in your search as you hold up each of your candidates to the measuring stick of a professional.

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