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If you don't believe that flowers make much of a difference in terms of a wedding, try to have your entire wedding without them. It will not take long to notice that something doesn't look quite right. Think about it, what are you going to have in your hands while you walk down the aisle? What is going to grace the hallways and the from of the ceremony area. And what is going to serve as centerpieces at your reception? The has always been and always will be something very special about live flowers. They bring a special smile to almost any face that views them. We know that it is hard sometimes to think about spending so much money on something that is only going to wilt in a few days, but flowers are so special and let's face it, you only do this once. And we know that you will not be happy if you decide to forgo flowers. And keep in mind that a really good florist can make some excellent suggestions as to how you can save money on your flowers. And we know that some people think about trying to design their own flowers themselves because they think they can save that much more but we must admit this is where we draw the line. Unless you have some background in how to create arrangements that coordinate with an overall motif or theme, we highly recommend that you hire your own professional wedding florist. And we forgot to mention the best part of all, your beautifully crafted flowers will be in many of your professional wedding photographs. Below, we have included a short guide of advice in terms of what to look for when you start looking throughout the Richmond area for your very own professional florist.

Before you can do anything, you need to find some quality candidates that you can interview for your job opening. Where can you come up with these candidates? There are a number of potential sources. You can talk to people that you know who were recently married or who have recently been to a wedding. Find out what their experience was with the flowers. If they tell you they had their socks knocked off by the floral arrangements, find out what florist worked that wedding. Another potential source is your other wedding vendors that you have hired. If they have been in the wedding business for any length of time at all, they should have some recommendations for you. Or you could also do a Google search for “wedding florists in the Richmond area.” Through these sources, you should be able to come up with at least 5 potential candidates for your wedding position. Contact each one to find out if they are accepting new clients at this time. Once they have given you the green light, find a mutual date and time that you both can meet to talk flowers.

Your job at each interview is to find out about the florists background, skills, and expertise in order to determine if they are a good fit for your wedding. How long have they been a wedding florist? Where did they receive their training? Is it a passion for them or just a way to make money? What makes them different than any of their competitors? Do they only work weddings? Take a look at their portfolio of wedding work. As you are checking out their past work, ask yourself if you can see them designing your floral needs. Does their skills match up with your needs? Talk about their style. What will their bottom line fee be? What kinds of things do they suggest that can help you save money on your floral needs. Ask them about in-season versus out of season flowers. In-season in most cases will save you a ton of money.

Make sure that you share your floral budget with each candidate. Do they foresee any problems giving you what you want for the budget you have set? How long will they need for setup? They should do a venue walk through with you. Make sure that they will be at your venues on your wedding day. Once you have finished with all of your interviews, you should be able to go back and review your notes and make an informed decision as to who your professional florist should be.

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