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Glen Allen, Virginia is a census designated place in Henrico Couny, Virginia that is relatively large. It has a population of nearly 15,000 and is a fairly popular spot for tourists, and is a spot that many of the residents are extremely proud to call home. Glen Allen is a very unique place that might not look much different than any other Virginia town of its size at first glance, but once you sit down with its people or really delve deeply into its sights and attractions, you are sure to understand why Glen Allen is such a beloved jewel in Virginia. This fantastic uniqueness and comfortability inherent at Glen Allen have earned it a spot in's "Top 100 Places to Live" not just once, but twice. If you find yourself in Glen Allen, you might want to head over to The Oasis floatation center, try out some delicious wine at the James River Cellars Winery, take in some art at The Cultural Arts Center, enjoy a Club outing at Lavender Fields Herb Farm, enjoy some shopping in their downtown district, or go 18 holes at Hunting Hawk Golf Club. Whatever you decide to do, you are sure to work up an appetite or want to grab a drink while in Glen Allen, so here are some of our favorite bars and restaurants in the town for reference while you are there.

Which Wich

2239 Old Brick Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23060 || (804)360-9424

If you're looking for a new place to grab some delicious lunch then you need to look no further than Which Wich on Old Brick Road. They are a friendly and personable place of business that prides themselves on making the community a part of their family. You can tell that they value their customers, and the creative sensibilities of their customers from the minute you walk through the door due to the bag art that lines the walls of Which Wich. Once you have finished your sandwich, they encourage their customers to doodle on their bags and hang them up on their gallery walls. How cool is that? Every time you walk through their doors they will greet you warmly and they will help walk you through the menu and provide you with some excellent and very tasty recommendations that will be sure to work great for you. Their subs are all delicious and remarkably fresh. They're not like some other sandwich chains where they skimp on the ingredients, either. They will really load you up on all of their ingredients, which are each fantastically fresh and delicious. On top of all of that, their atmosphere is extremely clean and pleasant. You don't ever have to worry about putting your elbows in old spilled drinks or mustard. They keep a very clean atmosphere at Which Wich! We absolutely love heading there for lunch and grabbing The Wicked sandwich.

Aunt Sarah's Pancake House

9010 Brook Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23060 || (804)269-0198

Established all the way back in 1962, Aunt Sarah's Pancake House has become a staple in the Glen Allen community and has become known for their delicious and authentic Southern food. They are very proud of the hospitality that they offer. You will feel like a guest in a very friendly house. Whether you're there for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or anything in between, you will feel like a neighbor, whether you're a regular or a traveler that's just passing through. They may have changed ownership throughout their years, but this has done nothing but rejuvenate and reinvigorate them, pumping out more and more fantastic eats and hospitality. You will be able to truly feel the appreciation that they feel for their guests. It is really palpable in the air there. When you and your family, or you and your friends, or your private party sit down for a classic home-cooked meal at Aunt Sarah's Pancake House, you will really see the difference between them and one of those large chains that try to replicate the Aunt Sarah's formula. And you will see why that replication attempt so often fails. Because they have a passion for their customers that simply can't be compared to. They make most of their recipes daily and to order, and they strive to provide their customers with the highest quality possible. Whether you want some delicious eggs, country sausage gravy over warm biscuits, fluffy, warm pancakes, fresh brewed iced tea, or freshly squeezed orange juice, you are sure to be happy with your dining experience at Aunt Sarah's!

Bourbon Street Grill

10101 Brook Rd Ste 216, Glen Allen, VA 23059 || (804)264-1881

You might not expect much from a food court restaurant, but you would be mistaken to pass up on Bourbon Street Grill. When you are trying to pick out what to eat, you absolutely need to try out Bourbon Street Grill. They will offer you a free sample of whatever might seem good to you, which you should definitely take full advantage of, if for nothing else but to try all of their different, delicious dishes. They serve food that will simply blow your mind from the bourbon chicken with rice to the egg rolls to the honey glazed chicken, there is truly something for everybody there. The people behind the counter really make up for the lack of servers as well. They are very helpful and friendly. Even though it is a food court restaurant, they won't hesitate to chat you up and ask you how you are doing. This is the kind of personal connection that you can always come to expect from a good restaurant in Glen Allen. It truly reflects the hospitality and friendliness inherent in the area. We wouldn't expect anything less. The presentation of everything at Bourbon Street Grill is always on par as well. You never see a dirty counter in sight, and if you look past the counter, you would swear that they sweep and mop their floors ever three minutes -- they're squeaky clean! And you never have to worry about any of the food mixing into the other trays. They are always very careful when scooping. We don't care what anyone says about food court food -- Bourbon Street Grill is a serious hit with us!

True Taste Restaurant

1090 Virginia Center Pkwy Ste 102, Glen Allen, VA 23059 || (804)266-8888

If you're looking to enjoy some delicious, authentic Chinese food then you need to try out True Taste Restaurant on Virginia Center Parkway. The chefs of True Taste are truly professionals and they have spent years honing their craft. They have traveled to East Asia and trained with real professionals, authentic cooks and have brought back those recipes and fused it with their own unique styles that can only be tasted at a restaurant like True Taste Restaurant. This might seem kind of excessive for an average Chinese restaurant in Glen Allen, Virginia, but this is no average Chinese restaurant, and they have made it a great point to drive that home. They want to be recognized as the greatest Chinese restaurant in all of Virginia, and it is hard to argue with that distinction. Each of their dishes is absolutely amazing, and prepared with the freshest and most delicious ingredients that will make your mouth water upon ingestion. Everything such as their appetizers such as the crab cheese wontons, the wonton soup, and the chicken wings are cooked perfectly and are sure to get your meal off on the right foot. All of their entrees are just as good such as the tofu veggie, the Kung pao Chicken, or our personal favorite: The Triple Delight with three different kinds of meat, including shrimp and beef within it. Absolutely incredible! If you are craving Chinese food and you are in the Glen Allen area then you need to try out True Taste Restaurant. Even if Chinese food isn't really your speed, they even have some interesting spins on Japanese and even Taiwanese plates over at True Taste Restaurant. It is really the best of all worlds!

Roda Japan House Steak and Sushi

1080 VA Center Pkwy Ste 121, Glen Allen, VA 23059 || (804)266-0002

If you want a fantastic, genuine Japanese cuisine experience then Roda Japan Steak House Steak and Sushi is a fantastic option for you and your's. They invite you to enjoy their fine cuisine and truly authentic Japanese atmosphere, sporting tons of hibachi grills where their professional chefs are free to create amazing meals while using only the finest and fresh as possible ingredients. You will marvel as savory and delicious meals are created right before your eyes. There are not a whole lot of things in this world more satisfying than watching your amazing meal that you requested be prepared right before your eyes using ingredients that are so fresh you could just reach out and eat them right then and there. Their skill and showmanship will absolutely knock you out of your seats. They will juggle knives and utensils and defy physics with fire play, all while creating several meals all at once. Using the word chefs to describe these men seems a bit light -- they are truly culinary masters! You will be amazed at how fantastic and comfortable the atmosphere at Roda Japan House is. This is really a great spot to bring both friends and family, and especially a great spot to bring that date that you are trying hard to impress. If you make it into Roda Japan House Steak and Sushi we suggest you get started with their assorted Sushi appetizer and the Japanese Spring Rolls, and the Hibachi Salmon Dinner or the Roda Special which is lobster tail, filet mignon, shrimp, and vegetable with the vegetable and house fried rice. There are even meals that are great for kids such as the Hibachi Chicken! There is really something for anyone at Roda Japan House Steak and Sushi!

Q Barbeque

1070 Virginia Center Pkwy, Glen Allen, VA 23060 || (804)261-7227

Born out of a desire to serve extremely quality barbeque in a community that could really use it, Q Barbeque is a fantastic restaurant that has become a beloved staple in the Glen Allen community. The owner and primary chef perfected his techniques through the professional barbeque competition circuit, which might sound niche but it actually provided him with a unique spin on how to create absolutely remarkable dishes that impress us every time we head there. It allowed him to perfect his techniques by winning multiple state championships, and even a world championship in Memphis, Tennessee. After many people begged him to, he decided to finally bring his fantastic recipes and techniques to the public dining world, but he didn't want to just bring his recipes, he wanted to bring his hospitality and provide a great restaurant experience at the same time. At Q Barbeque, they make sure to elevate the expectations of a typical barbeque joint and provide signature side dishes, incredible service, and amazing quality ingredients in a fun and clean atmosphere with great decor and colors. If you love authentic, local barbeque made by people who are just like you (just better at cooking barbeque), then you need to head over to Q Barbeque. It is great for heading to for family dinners, enjoying a meal with some friends, taking the kids to, or even taking your date to when they don't mind getting a little bit messy as they eat!

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