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Goochland, Virginia is a census designated place, as well as the county seat of Goochland County. While it is a rather small community with only about 861 people living there, Goochland still manages to be lively and exciting regardless. It is also known by its alternative name Goochland Court House. It is known for its historic plantations, Hunting Preserves, as well as its Wineries and Breweries like Elk Island Winery, Byrd Cellars, and Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery. While you are in Goochland you are sure to develop a need to grab a bite to eat or a drink. So here are some of our favorite bars and restaurants in Goochland!

Chef Lee

2720 Fairground Rd, Goochland, VA 23063 ||(804)556-2211

Run by the eponymous Chef Lee, who has over 30 years of Chef experience, both in America and overseas in Taiwan, Chef Lee Chinese Restaurant is a fantastic example of just how good a meal in Goochland can be. Mr. Lee is well known for his remarkable and extensive knowledge of all sorts of different styles of Chinese cuisine such as Mandarin, Szechuan, and Hunan to name a few. He makes sure to only use the most fresh ingredients possible and makes sure to provide his customers with the best, most authentic taste he possibly can. He only uses the top U.S.D.A Choice Beef, greens, vegetables, and seafood selections, which have been taken fresh right form the open sea. They are so fantastic that they have actually won multiple awards in recognition of how absolutely fantastic they are. If you head into Chef Lee, we suggest you get started with the Appetizer Sampler with the Crab Rangoon Fantail and the Chicken Wings. You then absolutely must try their Crispy Chicken or the "Kew". But, honestly, no matter which way you go, you will enjoy your meal at Chef Lee Chinese Restaurant.


1940 Sandy Hook Rd Ste D, Goochland, VA 23063 || (804)556-0074

If you're looking for a great place in Goochland to grab a fantastic, authentic Mexican meal then you absolutely must head over to Kahlo's. This restaurant has been made in tribute to the fantastic and legendary female painter Frida Kahlo. This element to the restaurant has allowed it to have an unforgettable, warm, and friendly atmosphere. You will love all of the Frida inspired decor lining the walls, and the friendliness of the servers who really channel the spirit of the legendary folk painter herself. Their food is all absolutely delicious and authentic. The tortillas are all handmade and fried to perfection. All of the ingredients are fresh and amazing. The cheese, the tomatoes, the lettuce, the beef, the chicken -- truly everything is absolutely perfect about the food at Kahlo's. The restaurant is friendly, warm, relaxing, clean, and absolutely fantastic in all aspects. You will also really love the full bar at Kahlo's, and the fact that they are extremely knowledgeable about all sorts of drinks, and you will simply adore their specialty drink menu. Kahlo's is a great place to bring a friend, a date, or a family. Whatever occasion you choose to enjoy a meal there, you are sure to enjoy your dining expereince at Kahlo's.

Bella Sicilia Italian Restaurant

2913 River Rd W, Goochland, VA 23063 || (804)556-0137

Bella Sicillia Italian Restaurant is a relatively small, family owned and operated Italian Restaurant in a small strip mall in the heart of Goochland. You will be pleased t hat Bella Sicilia is truly the best place to grab some fine Italian food in all of Goochland. Just about every aspect of this fantastic restaurant is absolutely perfect. The food options are absolutely fantastic, and delightfully diverse. They offer the traditional options that you would expect such as pastas, subs, and pizzas, but they also have some amazing house specialties that you might be able to get elsewhere, but you will have a hard time finding a place that serves it half as good as the folks at Bella Sicilia do. Items like the veal piccata, chicken cacciatore, and so on are all absolutely remarkable. The staff at Bella Sicilia is truly fantastic as well. They are sweet and attentive, and will never make you feel like you've been forgotten. Bella Sicillia is a great place to either have a fine but affordable meal with your family, or impress a person on a date. Either way, you will love your experience!

Goochland Restaurant

2707 Salmon Ln, Goochland, VA 23063 || (804)556-9885

With a humble name like Goochland Restaurant, one might not expect much from the down to earth locally owned and operated establishment, but one might be very wrong. Goochland Restaurant is a staple in the tradition centric community of Goochland, and you can frequently see some of Goochland's best enjoying a meal at Goochland Restaurant. They have tons of fantastic traditional American fare that is cooked absolutely to perfection. The menu might be simple, but there's no reason that that should be considered a bad thing. Goochland Restaurant is a maintsay in the community of Goochland and once you head there it will be easy to see why. Not only is their menu absolutely delicious made with the best ingredients, but the servers will immediately make you feel right at home. They are warm and welcoming, and a total hoot! Seriously, they had us laughing the entire time we were in there. They have something for members of the whole family to enjoy, from the adults, to the teenagers, to the young kids, to the old timers, Goochland Restaurant accommodates fantastically for all!

Rocco's Pizza

1930 Sandy Hook Rd, Goochland, VA 23063 || (804)556-3434

A fantastic family owned and operated restaurant, Rocco's Pizza has been a great gathering place for friends and family members in Goochland for a while now. Whether you have been going there for years, or if this is your first time enjoying a meal at Rocco's, you are sure to enjoy your meal. They serve fantastic pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, salads, and so on. They are a remarkable family style restaurant and they have tons of delicious homemade sauces that are sure to knock you out of your socks! They are easily one of the most famous and beloved Italian restaurants in all of the Goochland area, without being too fancy. They are really more of a simple establishment that is a great casual dining experience. The service at Rocco's Pizza is absolutely fantastic. They bring that classic Italian hospitality blended with the kind, traditional friendliness inherent in the residents of Goochland. So whether you are a resident or an outsider looking to enjoy a delicious, simple Italian meal, then you are guaranteed to be treated well at Rocco's Pizza.

Tanglewood Ordinary Country Restaurant

2210 River Rd W, Maidens, VA 23102 || (804)556-3284

A fantastic family owned and operated restaurant since 1986, the folks at Tanglewood Ordinary Country Restaurant pride themselves on serving some delicious down home country cooking that simply can't be beat. They pride themselves on the fact that they could not have been possible without the support of the community of Goochland County. They serve some of the best Southern comfort food in the entire area, and they are famous for their special meal "Grandmother's Sunday Dinner". A meal at Tanglewood Ordinary Country Restaurant feels a lot less like an average meal at a restaurant, and seriously feels much more like heading over to a family member's place who really knows how to cook. It has a homey atmosphere, as well as servers who treat you like family -- honestly! The food is absolutely to die for, with recipes that go back for generations upon generations. You can't go wrong with a meal from Tanglewood Ordinary Country Restaurant, but don't take our word for it, head on over there and find out for yourself!

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