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Gordonsville, Virginia is a town in Orange County that has a very small population of only about 1,500, and yet they still manage to be a thriving and oft-visited community It is a historic community where the residents are very proud of their community and and traditions. There are some great, historic sights to visit while in the Gordonsville area such as the Civil War Medical Museum. And there are all sorts of different Wineries and Vineyards to tour in Gordonsville such as Honah Lee Winery, Horton Vineyards, and Berrywood. While you are in Gordonsville you are sure to work up an appetite or need a drink, so here are some of our favorite restaurants and bars in Gordonsville.

BBQ Exchange

102 Martinsburg Ave, Gordonsville, VA 22942 || (540)832-0227

The BBQ Exchange, conveniently located in downtown Gordonsville, is a fantastic restaurant that features delicious items such as hickory-smoked and slow-roasted pork shoulder as well as amazing spare ribs that will be sure to make your mouth water. They have dry cured all of their meats and they have utilized their rubs with special secret ingredients that have been specially cooked in their wood burning cookers. Their Chicken Halves have been grilled over live coals. With all of these special ways that their meals are cooked, you can be sure that these meals are absolutely amazing. They also have homemade pickles, fresh baked rolls, cornbread, pumpking muffins, crispy salads and slaws, and so on. And you can't miss out on their desserts such as their amazing homemade cupcakes, brownies, and cookies. The atmosphere at BBQ Exchange is absolutely amazing, within a rustic building that provides a fantastic, warm, and inviting feel to it. You will love your dining experience at BBQ Exchange!

Restaurant Pomme

115 S Main St, Gordonsville, VA 22942 || (540)832-0130

Arguably Gordonsville's most upscale restaurant, Restaurant Pomme is located in the foothills of the blue Ridge in downtown Gordonsville. They offer an authentic classic French dining experience. They happily welcome all diners and guests to enjoy their warm and friendly environment which seems like it was plucked right out of the French countryside. Everything from the food to the decor is absolutely remarkable at Restaurant Pomme. It is great for all occasions as well. Whether you are getting together with friends to enjoy a nice, upscale lunch, enjoying a fine family dinner, or trying to impress a hot date, then Restaurant Pomme is absolutely the place for you. You can count on the restaurant being fantastically authentic as well because their Chef was born right outside of Paris, so you knwo that you can get the fantastic French touch with their whole experience. You are guaranteed to absolutely love your experience at Restaurant Pomme.

Inwood Restaurant

19095 James Madison Hwy, Gordonsville, VA 22942 || (540)832-3411

A friendly, local family owned and operated business that has been a staple in Gordonsville for over 40 years now. The residents of Gordonsville love heading to Inwood Restaurant for all sorts of different occasions such as nice family meals, meeting up with friends, or enjoying a simple meal on your own. You can be sure that you will not be disappointed with a meal at Inwood. They offer a fantastic casual dining experience and pride themselves on not being fancy, and just serving some nice, home made meals that make you feel right at home. All of their food is country style with cooking that can only be described as "down home". They are smoke free at Inwood Restaurant so you don't have to worry about your meal being spoiled by the smell of cigarettes, and they are delightfully family friendly. If you head in there for Breakfast than you absolutely need to try their Corned Beef Hash with their delicious Fresh Brewed Coffee. For lunch, a Burger or a Club Sandiwch will do you just fine. And for Dinner you need to either try their Choice Sirloin or the Country Ham Steaks. But whatever direction you go, you will never be disappointed with a meal from Inwood Restaurant.

Fabio's Pizza

408 W Gordon Ave Ste C, Gordonsville, VA 22942 || (540)832-9900

Fabio's Pizza is much more than just a pizzeria. They offer fantastic and upscale Italian food that will absolutely blow you away. That's not to say that their Pizza isn't amazing, because there is a reason that the word Pizza is in the name of the restaurant. The Pizza is absolutely fantastic, with crispy crusts and cheese that is perfectly blended. The pizza is an excellent choice, especially if you are heading over to Fabio's with the whole family. You can split up the pizza with everything but the kitchen sink on one side for the parents, and just pepperoni and cheese on the other side for the pickier children. You will be delighted that all of their ingredients are delicious and fresh. You won't ever find a tomato that isn't ripe or a soggy mushroom. But, like we said before, Fabio's Pizza isn't only fantastic for their pizza. They have amazing pastas, salads that are fresh and crisp, an expansive beer selection, and an eggplant Parmesan that will knock you out of your seat. And let's briefly talk about the service at Fabio's Pizza for a moment. They are fantastic and will greet you from the minute you walk through the door. They will always make sure that you are satisfied with your meal and that you never have an empty drink. Fabio's Pizza is a simply fantastic establishment.

Purple Cow Ice Cream & Deli

205 N Main St, Gordonsville, VA 22942 || (540)406-1805

Sometimes you just need to chill out and enjoy some delicious soft serve ice cream. Purple Cow Ice Cream & Deli is definitely the place for you once that inkling. It is a fantastic ice cream and sandwich shop that has been owned and operated since only 2015, but since it has opened it has become one of the most popular destinations in all of Gordonsville. They provide a fantastic high level product as well as customer service that is absolutely remarkable. All of this for a fantastically affordable price. They pride themselves on their delicious ice cream, as well as their amazing deli sandwiches that please every single time. They also pride themselves on giving back to the community by working with local non-profits as well as public service agencies. Purple Cow Ice Cream & Deli is undoubtedly a fantastic and beloved fixture in Gordonsville. If you make it in to Purple Cow then we suggest you get their Brownie Boat Specialty Sundae or try a Cow Cone with one of their fantastic and diverse flavors. Any of their sandwiches would also be a fantastic idea.

Burrito Baby

111 S Faulconer St, Gordonsville, VA 22942 || (540)832-6915

Burrito Baby prides themselves on offering delicious fresh made-to-order burritos with your choice from four delectable and delicious tortillas. You can choose from white, wheat, jalapeno cheddar, or spinach & herb. Our personal favorite is the jalapeno cheddar. You can get it stuffed with whatever you would like. Your choice of fire braised chicken, pork, steak, or even vegan refried beans and all of the toppings of your choice. If burritos aren't your thing, then they have great options for you as well. You can try their nachos grande or even some amazing soft tacos, and last but not least the burrito bowls. Whichever direction you go, you are sure to be pleased with the meal that you have at Burrito Baby. They make all of their recipes with delicious, fresh ingredients. Their guacamole is made fresh every day and is absolutely to die for. No matter what you're in the mood for, you are sure to be walking out of the restaurant with full tummies and an understanding why they're called "Burrito Baby!"

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