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Alright, lets get real here. What are the things that you care about the most for your wedding experience. We probably can guess what a few of them are. One is a definite no-brainer. By far, the most important item on your agenda is your wedding gown. But near the top as well are services like a tanning salon to acquire that perfect glow for your stroll down the aisle. And of course hiring a makeup artist can be very important because not only do you want to look your best for yourself, your fiance and your guests, you also want to look absolutely stunning for your pictures. But there is one other vendor that you are going to be looking for and that is a professional makeup artist. Yes, some people will tell you that you can just do you hair yourself or have a friend or family member do it. Our response to that is why would you take that chance. Remember, this is your big day, in fact, it is biggest day of your life. Why not splurge and have a professional work on your hair and ensure there are no mishaps and that you are completely satisfied with your overall look. There are some amazing professionals in the Richmond area that you should seek out. This guide will lead you to them and by the end of your journey, you will be shaking hands with the hair stylist who will make you look absolutely radiant.

So, the first order of the day, find some great candidates. Those people that you are close to and around all of the time are a great source to start with. Talk to your family, friends and coworkers to see if any of them have hired or have experienced a high quality hair stylist. If they say that they know of someone that they can recommend, record the name and find out the contact information. Another potential source are your wedding vendors that you already have a relationship with. See if they know of someone that you should contact. One other source that we must mention is the world wide web. This is a must. Do a Google search for “professional hair stylists in the Richmond area.” You should have plenty of links to click on and websites to check out. When you see someone that is capable of creating the styles that you like, add their name to your list. Contact each one and find out if they have your wedding date open on their calendar. If they do, setup a time to grab a cup of coffee and talk about what they might be able to do for you and your hair.

Talk about your budget right off the bat. Make sure that you understand the options that they offer. Thumb through their portfolio and take note of any styles that you think might look nice on you for your big day. Be on the lookout for someone who has the ability to do a wide range of styles. It is a very good idea to bring pictures of styles that you really like to your interview. Find out about their background. Find out why they became a hair stylist in the first place. Their answer can provide you with some interesting insight that might help you with your hiring decision. Can they replicate a style for you? Ask yourself if you actually like the person you are interviewing. Considering that this person will be working with you on your big day when you need a reassuring word or a calm demeanor, this may be more important than you realize. What are their suggestions considering the kind of hair that you have? Do they strike you as creative? Be open to their suggestions but also let them know you are calling the shots. Find out how things would work on your wedding day. What do they charge for the services that you are requesting? Do they suggest a trial run? This is a very good idea because you will know for sure that this is the person that you want working on your hair on your big day.

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