Hopewell Party Bus Destinations

Elephant Thai Restaurant

5230 Oaklawn Blvd, Hopewell, VA 23860 || 804-458-2885

Richmond Party Buses partygoers are always going wild for Elephant Thai Restaurant, which just happens to be one of our personal favorite Thai restaurants in our entire service area, not just in the Hopewell vicinity! This is a casual and cool spot where you can really relax and maybe even catch the game on TV while you're there. There's more than enough room here for even your larger Richmond Party Buses groups and there is of course a full bar at your fingertips! The lunch buffet is an absolute steal when you compare the price to the quality and quantity, and that's a great option for your party bus trips. Yellow curry is amazing!

K&L Barbecue

5 Cavalier Square, Hopewell, VA 23860 || 804-458-4241

If you think you might be craving some delicious barbecue favorites when you're in Hopewell with Richmond Party Buses, you just might want to add K&L Barbecue onto your itinerary for your trip with us. This is a reliable casual joint that many of our customers rely on on a regular basis, and we know why! It's spacious, it's affordable, and they've even got wonderful take-out that you might want to grab to enjoy on the bus. The chicken and dumplings are absolutely irresistible here and we love the blackberry cobbler with ice cream! The homemade sweet tea is the perfect complement to whatever you order here.

El Nopal Mexican Restaurant

4118 Oaklawn Blvd, Hopewell, VA 23860 || 804-452-0901

Mexican food is always a great option for your Richmond Party Buses trips in Hopewell, and El Nopal Mexican Restaurant fits the bill just perfectly! Named after the beautiful thirst-quenching cactus, which makes sense because this place easily quenches your cravings for delicious Mexican fare! There's a full bar here and we really think you will enjoy having lunch and dinner here with all of your Richmond Party Buses friends. The chips are served with delicious ranch sauce that will really please your tastebuds, and even the regular salsa is delicious. The carnitas and the chicken tacos... all we can say is mm-mmm good!

Waffle House

5105 Plaza Dr, Hopewell, VA 23860 || 804-452-0386

There's nothing else quite like heading out to a Waffle House with your Richmond Party Buses friends when you're in the Hopewell area, and we very strongly recommend that you consider this one as a prime destination when you're out here with us! We love the super friendly and old fashioned service here and you simply will not find a better breakfast in our entire service area! It's very family friendly here so it's great for your all-ages party bus groups. The hash browns are absolutely out of this world and of course the waffles are the best around! You will not be able to get enough!

Harvest Asian Bistro & Bar

264 E Broadway Ave, Hopewell, VA 23860

It's not hard to find amazing Vietnamese and Thai food when you're in the Hopewell vicinity with Richmond Party Buses, and that's because Harvest Asian Bistro & Bar is right around the corner, just waiting for you to pull up in the party bus! Your friends will not believe the cool and casual vibe that they'll experience here, and the fact that you can even watch the game on TV while you dine and drink beer and wine is not a bad thing either! Super affordable prices and they're even open until 10:00 PM most nights! The Mongolian beef is one of the best things on the menu and the pad Thai is also sensational!

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