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Lanexa is a fantastic, and relatively small community that rests partially in James City County, and partially in New Kent County, Virginia. It is located not far from the Chickahominy River, which has made it a popular spot for tourism with sites such as Rockahock campground, which is a great alternative to many of the more crowded camp sites, and is also the host of many popular festivals and concerts. It is also well known for Saude Creek Vineyard. While you are in Lanexa, you are sure to work up an appetite or need to grab a drink, so here are some of our favorite restaurants and bars in Lanexa.

Walker's Dam Grill

1428 Outpost Rd, Lanexa, VA 23089 || (804)966-8333

A hidden gem in Lanexa, Walker's Dam Grill is an authentic Italian restaurant located, strangely, inside of the campground. Their food is absolutely incredible, and everything that they serve is homemade and prepared with only the freshest of ingredients. They take great pride in their food and their service. All of their portions are remarkably huge, and you will for sure have left overs for the following day, which is always a huge plus. Since the restaurant is one of the most popular in all of the Lanexa area, it is usually a good idea to make a reservation ahead of time so you don't have to wait for too long, but even if you do have to wait, it is well worth it because Walker's Dam Grill is absolutely fantastic eats! There is no doubt that you will love your experience at Waker's Dam Grill.

Lakeside Restaurant

13501 Campground Rd, Lanexa, VA 23089 || (804)966-7247

Lakeside Restaurant is well known for serving some of the best pizza in all of Lanexa. People head there from far and wide to enjoy their delicious pizza pies. This is because they make all of their dough hot and fresh every single day, using only the most delicious and fresh ingredients, guaranteed. They serve amazing pizzas including all of your favorite traditional classics, such as pepperoni pizzas, margarita pizzas, and Hawaiian pizzas, but they also have tons of brand new originals that you are sure to absolutely love. The service at Lakeside Restaurant is also absolutely fantastic. They will greet you with warm smiles from the very minute you walk through the door, which is always a great pleasure. The dining experience at Lakeside Restaurant is absolutely fantastic!

Two Drummers Smokehouse

8864 Richmond Rd W, Toano, VA 23168 || (757)250-3839

Sporting some of the best cuisine and the best Barbeque in all of Eastern Virginia, the menu at Two Drummers Smokehouse promises delicious, classic comfort food dishes that utilizes fresh, local ingredients whenever possible, and you can truly taste the difference! Their business is, has always been, and always will be family owned and operated, and that is always reflected in their friendly staff and extremely comfortable atmosphere. Everything that they make is homemade, which will take you back to how your mother used to make it. It will truly feel like you're eating at home, that is if your parents were good cooks. It is located on the outskirts of the historic Williamsburg, and they truly bring out the historic vibe of the area in their restaurant, between the decor and the atmosphere. You are sure to love your time at Two Drummers Smokehouse!

Rick's Grill

6380 Richmond Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23188 || (757)229-0045

Rick's Grill is an extremely pleasant dining experience in the Lanexa area that many people head to when they are looking to enjoy a more low key, relaxing meal in a place that is considered by many to be a hidden gem. With a name like Rick's Grill, it doesn't stand out too terribly much, but that doesn't mean that it is anything but absolutely fantastic. They have tons of your classic traditional American fare favorites, as well as tons of specialty items that you are sure to enjoy. The great thing about Rick's Grill is that it is locally owned and operated, which really shines through which how hospitable and friendly the service is. You are sure to be very happy with your meal and experience at Rick's Grill!

Fat Canary

410 W Duke of Gloucester St, Williamsburg, VA 23185 || (757)229-3333

Considered by many to be some of the best food that you can find in all of Virginia, and yet the most accessible food at the same time, Fat Canary is a fantastic example of just about everything a casual dining experience should be. They will exceed just about all of your expectations, starting with the service. They will always take your patronage very seriously. They will greet you with a smile and take your drink order right away. They are also very serious about all of their food. Even the servers know just about every ingredient used in just about every creation so you can expect to be thoroughly impressed in that regard as well. All of the appetizers and entrees are absolutely amazing. And don't forget to grab one of their amazing desserts!


601 Prince George St, Williamsburg, VA 23185 || (757)645-2890

Proudly serving some of the best small plates in the Williamsburg area, Triangle is a fantastic tapas style restaurant that will absolutely blow you away. They double as a music venue so you can enjoy an amazingly delicious meal while being entertained at the same time. Some of our favorite meals there are the Mac & Cheese that is prepared with in house chorizo, or you absolutely must try their Steak Tacos! The atmosphere at Triangle is absolutely amazing with incredible decor and an atmosphere that will have you raving about it to friends and family members. You can really count on being able to enjoy your experience at Triangle, no matter what kind of occasion you are heading there for. Whether you are meeting up with a group of friends, looking to enjoy some drinks on your own, host a private party, or impress a date, Triangle is a great location for all of these!

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