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Alright, let's break down your wedding just a bit here. You are going to be having your wedding ceremony where we know that you will be participating in a solemn moment where you and your fiance say the most important words you have ever uttered to each other. And then you will be going to your wedding reception where you will be not only be serving some great cuisine but you will also get your guests and your venue hopping as your live band breaks into some awesome tunes. It is kind of like the tale of two cities. There is truly nothing like a live band to add excitement to any event, but especially to a wedding reception..Of course, it is very important to finding the right band. And by the right band, we mean one that fits the majority of your guests. Never fear because the Richmond area has many great bands that fit this description, you just have to hunt them down. Below are some tips on how to go about your search and end up with a band that will fit you and your big day like a glove.

First and foremost, come up with your budget. It is hard to pin down the cost of a live band, it really does vary tremendously. It depends on a number of factors, but in general the cost ranges from $2000 up to $35,000. Look at their packages. Find the one that seems to fit your situation fairly well. If there is an item or two missing, ask if the packages are customizable. Feel free to talk about options. Look for a band that has a style that most of your guests will enjoy. You may like one particular style but that might not be the best style for a wide range of ages. Are they willing to take requests from your guests. How much say can you have about their playlist? Can you add tunes you really like. What if there are songs you absolutely do not want to hear at all, can you have them banned?

Consider the size of the band that will be showing up. Keep in mind that the more musicians, the higher the cost will be. A six piece band can create a professional recording. Make sure the band you book is local. This will mean less travel expenses. Talk about how long your reception is going to be and how long you want the band to play. A standard set for a wedding is four hours with three breaks. Ask the bands that you interview if they will have recorded music playing during their breaks. What if you end up wanting the band to go over the 4 hours? How much extra would that cost?

Discuss special moments like your first dance. Will they learn a special song for the first dance? Will the band emcee your reception? Ask the venue if there is a rule as to how many musicians can setup and play. There are venues only licensed for 4 musicians or less. Find this out before you interview any bands. How much of a deposit does it take to reserve their services? Start looking for your live band at least one year before your wedding. Remember, the great ones have their calendar fill up quickly. Once you have interviewed the bands you are interested in, compare all of the information that you gathered from your questions above. If it comes down to a choice of two, price can be the bottom line determining factor. If you really like one band who is a bit higher, ask if they will work with you. The answer may be no, but it can't do any harm. When you have made your final decision, make sure that you get all of the details placed onto a written contracts. This will protect both parties.

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