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Midlothian is a fantastic, unincorporated community in Chesterfield County as well as Powhatan County in Virginia. It is known for being an old mining town with tons of awesome sights and structures that are reminiscent of this history. It is a fantastic suburban community now which has been often voted as one of America's best places to live according to CNN Money Magazine. Some great historic landmarks in Midlothian are Bellona Arsenal, Bethel Baptist Church, Trabue's Tavern, Hallsboro Store, and the Southside Speedway. While you are in Midlothian there are ton of great shopping districts and antique stores that will be great to take up your time. You can also enjoy some great outdoors at Robious Landing Park or Midlothian Mines Park, catch a film at Carmike Cinema, or knock down some pins at King Pin Lanes. Whatever you decide upon, you are sure to love your time in Midlothian, one of Virginia's most unique and well visited communities. While you are in Midlothian, you are sure to work up an appetite or need to grab a drink. You will be happy to know that there are tons of fantastic restaurants and bars in Midlothian. Here are just a few of our favorites!

Katana Sushi

13825 Village Place Dr, Midlothian, VA 23114 || (804)893-4787

Focusing on providing a delicious Japanese cuisine including delicious, traditional sushi, you will be more than pleased with your experience at Katana Sushi. If you love delicious, fresh sushi and amazing Japanese fare then you will absolutely adore Katana Sushi, without a doubt. They pride themselves on how authentic and traditional their food is there. All of their sushi is made with only fantastically fresh fish that has been prepared that day. You never have to worry about your fish tasting fishy or anything but absolutely fresh and delicious. They have tons of fantastic, traditional rolls that you know and love, but you are sure to love all of their specialty rolls as well. You definitely need to head over to Katana Sushi during their happy hours when they have $1 Domestic Bottles and $1.50 imports, as well as 1/2 Appetizers. They also have Daily specials such as Wine Wednesdays and Sake Saturdays. As you can tell, there are tons of great things to enjoy about a meal and dining experience at Katana Sushi!

Capital Ale House Midlothian

13831 Village Place Dr, Midlothian, VA 23114 || (804)897-5815

Considered by many, including themselves, to be the premier beer authority in Virginia, Capital Ale House certainly never fails to live up to that title. They always welcome the citizens of the area to their establishment with great big smiles on their face, and provide amazing food, a friendly, knowledgeable staff, and the largest selection of craft and imported brews that you can find just about anywhere. They are not only on a mission to provide their guests with amazing beer, food, and service, but they are also on a mission to educate their patrons on what good beer really is. Located right in the heart of Midlothian, Capital Ale House is conveniently located near the Charter Colony Road intersection and features 80 drafts and an unbelievable over 250 remarkable different types of bottled beer. They also have great patio and sidewalk dining, as well as an upstairs lounge that features darts and board games. If you're a bit chilly then you can also enjoy one of their outdoor or indoor wood burning fireplaces. All of this makes Midlothian a fantastic place for gatherings between friends or family, or a place to head to in order to meet some new people or watch the game on one of their ten big screen HD TVs. Whatever the case, you are sure to love your time at Capital Ale House!


13126 Midlothian Tpke, Midlothian, VA 23113 || (804)379-7121

Specializing in a mix of Carribbean and Latin flavors, the folks at Pescados make sure to only use the freshest ingredients in an atmosphere that can only be described as fun and tropical. You will be absolutely blown away and delighted by the delicious, fresh, and organic local ingredients and the fresh, fresh fish that is flown in every day ensuring that the fish that you are eating is the freshest and highest quality seafood you can get just about anywhere. They are proud to offer a selection of delicious and fine entrees that have won several awards. From tuna to shrimp, from mahi mahi to lobster, you can be rest assured that all of your favorite dishes are there with special additions and spices in addition. They also have fantastic, original creations that are sure to make your palette go crazy! Whether you want to enjoy some delicious steak, seafood, a combination of both and beyond, then you are sure to enjoy the meal that you have at Pescados. You will also be more than pleased with the service and atmosphere that you experience at Pescados, as just about everyone does! Whether you want to enjoy a fine family dinner, impress a hot date, or host a private party there, there are tons of great ways to enjoy your experience at Pescados!

Tazza Kitchen Alverser Plaza

1244 Alverser Plz, Midlothian, VA 23113 || (804)794-1377

A casual eatery in Virginia that features a fantastic seasonal menu that highlights ingredients sourced from dozens of farmers and food artisans, wood fired cooking, and influences from Southern Italy and Baja California, Tazza Kitchen Alverser Plaza is a fantastic place where people love to hang out and enjoy themselves. It is a delicious, casual restaurant that features some of the greatest, most fresh food that you could ever ask for. They ensure that the beer that you get at Tazza Kitchen is craft and amazing, as well as featuring a list of small-production wines, innovative local brews, and specialty cocktails that are made with premium spirits and only the freshest of ingredients. They go to great strides to make sure that everything is served in an environment that is fun, lively, and unique at amazing and affordable prices. Their founders have a backgrounds, individually, in finance, music, and restaurants, and they each combined their individual powers and created a restaurant that is truly special. When you head into Tazza Kitchen then we strongly suggest that you get started with the Cast Iron Goat Cheese or the Brick Oven Brussels Sprouts, and then either try out the Chorizo Tacos or the Shrimp & Crispy Polenta. If you are with the family then you can't go wrong with a Three Meat Pizza! Absolutely delicious!

Sportspage Bar & Grille

14245 Midlothian Tpke, Midlothian, VA 23113 || (804)379-1844

Established in 2003, Sportpage Bar & Grille is a locally owned and operated and the pride themselves heavily on treating each and every one of their customers like members of their great big Sportpage family. In fact, they aren't afraid to compare themselves to the bar in Cheers, and once you walk in it will be easy to see why. Once you head there once, they will know your name by heart and they will shout it at you every time you walk through the door thereafter. Well, not exactly, but it's no secret that after everything going on in your life, it's always nice to sit down and relax with people who welcome you warmly. It's so nice walking through the door at Sportspage and being recognized. Where they recognize your face and express that recognition by shouting out your name, and they will do so gladly. They will be able to share in the worries and troubles that you are feeling, and they will be able to relate to them. Any special item on the menu that you might want, do not hesitate to ask for it. They have amazing award chicken wings as well as burgers, as well as a customer service philosophy that will blow you away. They are truly a place that has earned the title of a fantastic mom and pop restaurant.

Sedona Taphouse

15732 WC Main St, Midlothian, VA 23113 || (804)379-0037

In a restaurant that can only be described as fun, comfortable, and vibrant, Sedona Taphouse is a fantastic place that is a guaranteed location for good times! Their veteran founder Dennis Barbaro opened the restaurant in 2011 with the simple premise of serving fine craft beer and wine lovers in an environment that can only be described as warm, natural, and sophisticated. THey ensure an atmosphere that is inviting and one that the community absolutely can't get enough of. They have won tons of awards not only for their extensive and delicious beer selection, but also for their food offerings. They have been rated as a "World Class" bar by the Beer Advocate magazine. They feature amazing Hand cut "certified Angus" choice steaks, Fresh seafood that has been brought in and caught daily, local and organic ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible, as well as tons of great gluten free options! They make sure to work diligently to continue bringing the best of local and international craft beers, as well as fascinating wines and creative handcrafted martinis. Their food is all made from the finest of ingredients and they make sure to offer daily Chef specials. The menu changes all throughout the year to reflect the season. You will always be surprised and delighted at their menu! You will be sure to love your experience at Sedona Taphouse!

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