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Many people have tried and many people have failed. We are referring to planning your own wedding. Let's just be very honest about this topic. You may be very good at what you do for a living and you may be one of the most organized people that has ever lived, but that doesn't mean that you will pull off a successful wedding that includes everything that you want and at the same time remain stress free. Take this advice seriously. Do not go down the path of being your own wedding planner unless you do not want to enjoy the journey to your special day. This is your day, what should be the happiest day of your life. You need to have the space and time to truly enjoy every moment, to soak in what is about to happen to you and how your life is going to change forever. There are all kinds of reasons to hire your own professional wedding planner and we have hinted at a few, but we want to share the main reasons below. One thing is certain, you will not have to worry about finding great candidates because when you start to comb the Richmond area, you will find a wealth of highly qualified professional wedding planners. Believe us when we tell you, it will be the best hire you have ever made.

In our book, the number one reason to hire a wedding planner is to keep the stress away from you. We cannot explain in words properly how many details, deadlines, and decisions that are involved in planning a wedding. A planner will handle all of these for you and keep you in the loop as needed and as setup ahead of time. They will handle all of the contact with your vendors. Your planner will coordinate all of the meetings that take place in relation to your wedding and they will be your representative. If anything goes wrong, they will handle it and inform you as needed. This is the one time in your life that it is worth leaving all of the worrying to someone else while you just sit back and enjoy every moment leading up to your big day.

Another key aspect of wedding planning is knowing how to prioritize all of your details. This includes the budget portion of your plans as well. A professional planner will help you decide what are the most important aspects of your wedding and will help you know how much money to spend on each aspect based on your priorities. For instance, if food is your thing, then you might want to put a larger portion of your wedding budget on your caterer. Your planner will sit down with you and help you figure this out. They also will serve as a guide as to when you might be paying too much on an item or a vendor. If they are experienced and they know the wedding game inside and out, they will have a great handle on how much everything is supposed to cost, or at least have a range that is acceptable. They will also help you find and hire the right vendors for you. Through the years, they will have established relationships with vendors that they can recommend to you. And because they offer repeat business to these vendors, many times you will receive a discount on services because of their relationship to the planner.

Don't underestimate experience. If there ever was a great reason to hire a wedding planner, here it is. The planners that are of a high quality and that have been around awhile making a living planning weddings know weddings like the back of their hand. They have seen it all and know the solutions to every challenging problem. They will know when things are going well and when they are not. They will know when to get on top of a vendor for lagging behind. They understand contracts and negotiating with all of your vendors. Much of this knowledge can only come by experience. So, as you see, there are many good reasons for hiring a professional wedding planner.

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