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They say that clothes make the man. And we do not disagree. But why just the man. We believe that clothes make everyone. That is why on the most special day of your life, both the bride and groom will hopefully be wearing formalwear that makes them look like totally amazing for their photographs. For the groom, we know he will be on the lookout for a tuxedo. While the bride will be searching for the wedding gown of her dreams. And for each search, there is a method to the madness so to speak. For the tuxedo search, it is imperative that you find an establishments with professional tailors. It doesn't matter how great the tuxedo looks on the rack unless it can be properly fitted to the individual that is going to wear it. On the brides side, she needs to be in search of a professional bridal salon. The Richmond area has some amazing vendors for both the tuxedo and the gown search. We realize that you probably don't search for this kind of service every day, so we are here to help you in terms of what to look for in not only your tuxedo and gown but the actual shop and salon that you end up choosing. You may want to print this guide as you head out into the wild world of formalwear, we want you to get this decision right. You can thank us later after you look fabulous in all of your wedding photography.

As you brides start to search throughout the Richmond area, one of the first and foremost considerations that needs to be on your mind is determining what style gown you are interested in..If you need help with knowing what is out there, start looking at some wedding websites or wedding magazines. It won't take too long before you are educated in what is available right now in terms of gown styles. If you find something that you really like, cut the picture out or print it off so you can take it with you as you visit bridal shops. In fact, start keeping a folder of all of your likes and dislikes. This will give you an advantage when it comes time to talk to a consultant at a bridal shop. Ask your friends, family and coworkers about bridal shops they have experienced or heard about. Also, look online for shops that have numerous positive reviews written about them. When you are ready to make a few appointments, we recommend that you schedule them on a weekday and earlier in the day if possible. You will find that the bridal shops are not as busy at this time. A lot of brides wonder how early they should start their search for their wedding dress. We recommend that you begin as early as possible because it takes quite a bit of time for the whole process to play out. First, you have to find the dress that you want, then it has to be fitted, then altered, and then you might have up to 3 fittings which will all involve alterations. Remember to not go to your appointments with your mind set on a specific dress. You might try something on that is similar to what you thought you wanted only to find out that you hate the way it looks on you. Also, remember that quite often a salon can be flexible. A gown that you love but isn't in a color you like might be available in different shades. Out motto is that it never hurts to ask about something you are wondering about. What is your dress going to cost you? It really depends, there is a huge variation in the prices of gowns. Alterations are not usually included in your overall price. You can possibly save a lot of money by trying on samples. Who knows, you might get lucky.

Flipping to your tuxedo search, we highly recommend that you take your bride with you. She needs to be happy with your choices. Then you must confront the age old question: should you rent or buy? If you think you will need a tuxedo in the next 5 years, then you might want to consider purchasing. If you are never going to wear one again, then rent. You will save quite a bit by doing this. And just as we advised the bride to be, ask around to see if anyone knows formalwear shops that are worth visiting. Find out if they keep their inventory updated. You also want to work with experienced and knowledgeable staff. And as a bonus, have your groomsmen visit the same shop you end up at. This will ensure a perfect tuxedo match.

This search really comes down to finding the right shops that have the expertise and the product line that will be best for you. Do your due diligence in your research and make sure that you have a real comfort level with the shop staff and their ability to help you with all of your formalwear needs. And remember, this only happens once in a lifetime, so make the most of it and feel good as you look good in your formal threads.

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