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Of course we understand that there are many crucial aspects to your wedding plans, but if we were going to narrow down our focus to one that is depended on by so many others, we would have to say that the choice of your wedding venue has to rank right up at the top. Once you have decided on your reception venue, many other details fall into place. More than likely your wedding is going to have a theme. You need to decide what that theme is going to be early on. Whether you are looking to have something that is modern, vintage, elegant or rustic, once you have made this decision, you can start your venue search in earnest. You will most definitely want to start looking at venues that suit your theme. The last thing that you want to have to do is purchase and lug in all kinds of amenities trying to transform the venue into something that fits your theme. You will want to take your time when you start looking at venues in the Richmond area. This is a decision that you will want to make sure that you can live with because you and your guests will be spending the bulk of your special day at your reception venue and if you choose the wrong place, it could make for a very long day. Below is a brief guide to help you in your search for the perfect venue.

Before you visit any specific venues, make sure that you know your wedding date. Start doing some research on wedding venues in the Richmond area. One of the simplest but most effective search you can do is a Google search . Just type in “wedding venues in the Richmond area.” Start clicking on some of the results. If you see some venue websites that look nice and that that you feel should be considered further, write down down their contact information..When you have a nice list going, contact each venue and setup a time to tour the facility and meet with a site manager. This will be a great opportunity to check the venue out firsthand as well as get your questions answered. One of the first issues that you will want to get out of the way is whether there is enough room not only for your guests, but for all of the activities that you will have planned as well. And one of the most forgotten factors to consider are the number of bathrooms the venue has. Let's face it, if there are 500 people at your wedding reception but only 5 toilets, your guests may not be happy campers at some point in the evening. What about parking spaces? Do you feel like there are ample spaces for the number of cars that will be there.

Price will be an interesting discussion. Ask to see a break down of what you would be receiving in terms of services. If they offer package deals, check them out carefully and try to find the one that best fits what you need. But beware, some venues are tricky with extra fees that you won't see until later. So the more that you get straight now, the better. Because remember, knowledge is power and it is very hard to make the right decision if you do not have all of the pertinent information. You do not want to look back later and say that you wish you had known because you would have made a very different choice. Ask if the venue handles all of the setup and tear down and whether this is considered an extra fee or is it part of a package? Basically, get them to show you the bottom line price.

Find out when your various vendors will be able to get into the venue on your wedding day to setup? What is your time to be out of the venue? What happens if you run long? Do they have a preferred caterer that they would like you to work with or are you able to in a caterer of your choosing? Hopefully, after your tours and all of the great information that you have garnered, you should be able to take a step back and compare all of your candidates and make a wise decision on which venue would be best for your special day.

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